February 11, 2009

Hair part 3...

I threw caution to the wind and went for the cut (after all, it's just hair). Since most people won't want to say what they really think, try to vote in the anonymous poll new style/old style. I'd really love the color and still considering it, but since I'm spending more time in the pool and sun, maybe that needs to wait a while. The stylist was v. patient and even told me the picture wouldn't work perfectly because I have a square jaw line (could be that I'm not a supermodel), but that he would leave it a little longer and angle in a little more. Vote in the poll.
If you can't bear the new style, just check out the pic of my Bug with the "blue glue" in his hair. Dries like concrete and supposedly washes out in 1 shampooing...if it doesn't, you'll hear about it!

Old Style

New Style

February 5, 2009


Okay, since my last blog about hair, I've done nothing. I couldn't find a way to commit. That was until thumbing through a magazine, I came across this pic -- I ripped it out (yes, I bought the magazine first), and after seeking multiple opinions, I think this might be my new spring/summer/until the next time look. What do you think? Can I pull it off?