November 21, 2008

Deal Maker...

Deals are everywhere. Last weekend, my brother and his wife told me about some great deals they're finding, my friend Tracy saved almost half by purchasing a new camera bag online, and I have finally decided to join the revolution (like always, a little late). This is my new purchase, from Brylane Home.

7½ Ft. Pre-Lit Tree with Double Bonus: Wreath & Garland!
Item # 1590-26563-1313$99.99Clearance $69.49 30% Off
7½-ft. faux ever-green tree dazzles with 700 pre-strung white mini lights and 1200 branch tips. Snaps together; stand included. 20'' wreath has 20 lights, 9-ft. garland has 35 lights. UL-Listed.

Use the code BHOFF40 and this tree, plus shipping and handling comes to $69.38!! If you're looking for a tree, plus wreath, plus garland. This is your deal (I think). Probably best not to tell me if otherwise!

BTW - the link will no longer take you to this tree so cross your fingers for me!

November 17, 2008

For Holly...

I just found out that this little girl's mom, Holly, passed away on Saturday after years of battling MS and MS-associated complications. Though some of you didn't ever meet Holly, you probably know someone like her and hopefully will forgive my need to say something here (my pseudo online journal).

With all that Holly has endured, she was easily the most optimistic and positive person I have ever met. She moved to the Germantown area as her husband began med school and her young daughter was just old enough to sit in her wheel-chair bound lap. Holly could barely see well enough to read let alone drive, or get around easily, but this never deterred her. She would sing what she knew, she would belt out her testimony from the back of the chapel because the microphone was impossible to get to, she agreed to be the YW president and then LOVED the YW with her whole heart along with each sister who served there. I had the fortune of living around the corner from Holly for a short time -- every so often I did a little something that I thought was "helping." In my busy way, I minimized her suffering and that of her family's needs. Holly would probably forgive me easily for this, but tonight I feel sad that I didn't do more and I am reminded that when you are in the service of your fellow beings, you are truly in the service of your God. This earth will miss Holly, but the Heavens will rejoice for she is a noble daughter of God. Holly truly was an inspiration who made this world a better place to be. Our thoughts and prayers are with Christian, Sarah and their families.

November 14, 2008

Happy Birthday Mom!

A few years ago, a baby girl was born. Today, I am so lucky she was! Happy Birthday to the woman of great patience and quiet strength. To those who know her well, she is a woman of many talents and gifts. This year she celebrated her birthday in a fun-tastic way by attending the King Arthur baking course in New Hampshire with her BFF, Gayle. They had loads of fun, visited four states (you could never do that from Texas), and perfected skills at making the following from scratch (read:without mixers or bread machines): croissants, crackers, foccacia, sourdough, pizza, pear tart, apple pie.. I don't have the pictures to prove it, but I can attest that they were all extra delicious and as usual, an inspiring job.

So, of all the wishes for today (and I have a small list), at the top is a big one for my mother & Framma, a HAPPY BIRTHDAY followed by many more!

November 11, 2008

So much to blog...

I have a few things that I have meant to get out here, but am too slow or ridiculous to do so. Without further ado, they greet you like a whirlwind without organization.

1. New nephew is here - his adorable picture is on the sidebar and all are happy and healthy!

2. Two weeks ago (around Oct 28th), Bug fell 12 feet into a concrete skate bowl. Luckily for us, he was wearing his helmet and endured only a hefty bruise and gnarly scrape to his elbow. Now he has to endure a 1 year hiatus from the skate park, but can do so in style because he got a new helmet out of the deal. (see pic of old helmet). Kids - wear the helmet!

3. My friends and I have completed our cake decorating course. Here is my final cake. Thanks again to Tracy who is always prepared and is creative director and to Lara who had the idea to join up in the first place! Their cakes were extra amazing so I have chosen not to post them here leaving you proud because you don't have a comparison!

4. T is ridiculously funny and crazy. Here he is dancing with our little friend - make sure to catch the huh-huh laugh at the very end!

Baby on the way!

Got your attention did I? Well, it is 1:45 CST on Veteran's Day during the stormiest day ever and we are waiting for a phone call from Ben and Melissa. A Baby Boy will arrive sometime this afternoon/evening and we are SUPER excited! Ben and Melissa's move here wasn't and hasn't been as easy as they hoped. But they are good natured souls who add extra flair to just about everything and right now, with them just 2 miles down the street, at the same hospital where T was born, I am so happy that they're here. I can't wait to get my hands on that little fella and welcome him into the world as a Native Texan!

Until then... waiting.

November 3, 2008

Go Vote!

If you need a reminder why, here it is.