November 18, 2007


I'm going on a blog least that is the plan. We leave tomorrow for a visit to the homeland of W.DC. We're looking forward to seeing some old friends and being bitterly cold at any temperature below 70. If you feel like commenting, I'd love to hear something you're truly thankful for this year.

For example, at the dinner table, I would let you know that I am ever thankful for my family and I truly am, but I'm also thankful for apples. Every morning starts off with apples in this house, Bug with a cup of apple juice and T with a big bowl of oatmeal and applesauce. Yeah for apples, for CostcoSam's making giant apple pies that are tasty, for pink lady apples that are THE snack of the year, and for clothes to fit the apple shaped gal! Yep. I'm thankful for apples.

Happy Thanksgiving to all.

November 11, 2007


So my husband asked what the bit about Bug's back talk to your mama stuff was about...interesting that he hasn't picked up on it. Anyhow, since you probably want some examples, here are two, that occured yesterday. They are generally funny because they catch us off guard, but I'm sure unchecked they are bound to cause trouble later.

1. The set up. Bug doesn't want to get out of the carseat and go to a furniture store. Whining ensues. Paul says to Bug "Bug, it isn't always about what you want." Bug says to Paul: "Dad, it isn't always about what you want me to do either." End of story. We did manage to get him into the furniture store after bribing him.

2. The set up. In the car with A/C blowing. Me sitting in the middle of two car seats in the back. April to Paul: Please turn the A/C down. (I'm sure I said please...). Paul: turns A/C off. April: You don't have to turn it off, I just want it turned down. You know I hate the direct flow of a/c in my face. Bug: turns right and blows air at my face.

Like I said, mostly funny, but bound to cause trouble eventually.

November 10, 2007

A video smile...

Okay, before watching this video of Tim wondering whether the person behind the camera is really his mom, you must read the excrutiating catch up below!

November 9, 2007

Blogged out and feeling guilty about it...

Okay, I admit it. I am blogged out. (I know, so soon!!!) I just get overwhelmed by how much time has elapsed, my thoughts go unconsolidated, and alas, it's merely too much to take on. This is exactly why journaling is where I left my freshman college days! Anyhow, since it would be only fair, here is a reasonable update! A special thanks to Lynn for the kick in the pants and for always having a good chuckle on her blog. Also thanks to all who commented last time. I get giggles when I read your thoughts. Did I mention yay for me knowing great people?!

October...hmmm...cannot recall. That was too long ago although somewhere in the middle to late October, we (by this I mean "I") finally pulled off a move. I'm sure you would all be pleased to know that this is my final move...correction, final move where I'm doing ANY of the work. I told Paul if this happens again, it better be on somebody's dime 'cause this cutie despises moving! Throughout the process, I amazed myself with my own personal skill, strength, and endurance (I know, none of you questioned this...right?) and even successfully put together the baby crib which I was advised was beyond my mechanical capability. Check plus for me. Here are the boys asleep in their new home on the first night!

Late October...yes something about Halloween which we sort of skipped. Not entirely on purpose, but because our Bug doesn't really love Halloween. He'd rather not have to work for the candy. He will likely use our lackluster parental performance against us someday so we dressed him up, put T in his pajamas and went to Market Street where Bug promptly procured 11 pieces of lame candy and begged to spend the rest of the evening in Borders looking for a Pirate book. As you can see, T found the entire thing (see photo at top), very stimulating! We did also attend the Houston Symphony Orchestra's Hocus Pocus Pops event where Bug marched in the "Babes in Toyland costume parade."

Early November...Paul's law school buddy visited from MD. Email or call me if you'd like to hear more of my thoughts on this. :) I will say that I spent the weekend at home with the children, much like every other day of the week interspersed with little clips at my husband like ..."oh, really? A flea market?" That event alone took up 8.75 hours on Saturday and netted us two likely lead -based knock-off trucks, a bag of oranges from who knows where, and some nice "State of Texas" cuff links. If you'd like the cuff links ordered for someone on your Christmas list, send your request and $15 to me. :)

Mom & Dad have arrived. The good news is they are putting some order into the chaos of projects yet to be completed and we've spent lots of time and $ at the good ol' DIY store. Also, we have decided it is infinitely better to have your parents living with you than to be living with your parents!

Bug has been having some growing moments...also known as back talk your mama lots time. I don't really have any solutions for this and just sort of hope that he turns out alright in the end...yikes?????

T is still very smiley, but is off schedule, with a cold, and sleeping in my bed. Double Yikes!

The a work in progress. Contractor comes tomorrow to repair all of the "popcorn" I excitedly scraped off without full comprehension of the repercussions. If you ever want to take on this task, just let me know first so I can give you some tips! If you are asking yourself, what is popcorn, then don't worry about it at all!

Future - headed to MD for the mid-end of November. I think with the exception of living out of a suitcase and bringing 20 bottles along, the trip should be nice. I plan to accomplish all that I did not accomplish while living there for the last oh, 12 years or so.
Just for fun, a paragraph on the weather. Happy Autumn to you all even though it is perhaps just now arriving in Houston. When we moved here, friends told me "you'll adapt." You don't really ever adapt to any heat, no matter where it is, but it is definitely livable, even six months out of the year, which is really why it's a big deal down here. Today it was 84 and 2 days ago when it was 70, we put on parkas and snow pants because it was so cold. We even had to drag ourselves out of the warm bed...that's right and put mittens on T. So I guess by adapt they mean you sort of acclimatize. You get used to hot and humid so when it's warm and dry, it feels cold! Come on down!

A solemn vow to be better....