March 11, 2008


Some notes in no particular order so I don't have to go add them to comments on your blogs.

Grandma Dorothy - Happy 80th Birthday!

Chris & Tennille - Good luck with baby girl O arriving tomorrow (maybe tonight?)!

Ben & Missy - Can't wait to make TXNs out of you -- get here fast!

Laura - You'll always be my favorite Aunt!

Matt & Melissa - Good luck with the move to UT even if you are abandoning the Lone Star State!

Wes & Andrea - Hope you're enjoying every minute with Baby D.

Merrilee - Keep up the awesome work for your walk! We love seeing you make the world a better place!

Jenn & Ryan Patrick - MOVE TO H-TOWN! We don't get snow here!!!!

Kellie P - Love the blog you've put up and I'm even voting on your family reunion plans!!

Lynn & Westbrook Bunch - WA or BUST! Let me know if you need the world's greatest piano teacher ever (Merrilee's Mom)!!!!

Jen & Belnap Bunch - CA or BUST! So happy for you to return to the land you love.

Lacey & Fam - Glad to see you online every now and again remembering silly things from RC days gone by.

March 5, 2008

Simplicity Rules...

So with my failures in sharing time this week, and whatever else, I've decided to keep this blog simple. Write your thoughts on the following...

Time: Too much, not enough, always wasted, flying by, who needs it, etc.