September 29, 2008

Seriously, the Cub Scouts are calling...

but I can't help myself -- I really need to write a blog. I don't have all of the pictures I need to do this post justice, but here are a few. This past week, I turned...duh-duh-duh....30! Hello my fellow "advanced age" Americans! Though nearly thwarted by a last minute Gal Bladder attack (nice try Merrilee!!) and a ravaging Hurricane Ike (see pic of neighbor's front yard - after a huge bit of the tree had already been removed),

I made a weekend trip to Seattle/Tacoma (Steilacoom) Washington to reminisce over 15 years of friendship with my oldest friend, Merrilee (coincidentally born just 3 days after me -happy days girl!), and hosted by her parents. I LOVE THESE PEOPE! They have again treated me to the ultimate expierence and we feasted on good friends, good food, and great memories! I cannot thank them enough and hope that one day my own children will recognize their influence on my life. If that wasn't enough (I know some of you are thinking 'away for the weekend without the kids' would be enough!!!), they invited other people I have loved dearly! It was such a pleasure to see the growing Feller, Robinson, Westbrook, McArthur, Arnett, and Jacobs families! They hitched their wagons all the way to the Feller's for an afternoon BBQ -- I didn't get a chance to see and hear all that they're doing, but trust me, you can all expect amazing things from these families and these women! They are some of the most noble and excellent people I have ever met. I regard them highly and will remember them forever! Until we meet again.

Of course I am completely missing pictures of all of the other people who make my life so worth living! So, to Tracy, who watched my kids and made it all possible, you are a genius woman! Thank you from the bottom of my heart!

To Melissa for driving to the airport not once, but twice, thank you! We'll get our act together eventually.

To the well-wishers: you people are awesome! How is it that I know so many good souls? I am unworthy of your excellent friendship, and companionship, but I am happy to keep trying! Thank you for your continued friendship. Don't know what I would do without you.

Last, often, but never least, to Paul -- who "endured" the weekend without me and air conditioning! What a trooper! You are the love of my life!

September 6, 2008

Let Them Be Little

On Thursday, September 4th, I sent my Bug to preschool. He's just going for half-days on Tuesday & Thursdays, but it gave me great pause to think about how fast he's grown. I DID NOT CRY because he was so excited and with T on my hip, it's hard to cry about anything except getting out of there before he rips down the pictures on the bulletin board. Anyhow, I staved off the emotion until I got home and started looking through pictures and although my ineptitude has kept me from publishing it before now, here is the result. I hope he'll enjoy a quick look back at 4.5 glorious years with many more to come and remember a few thoughts as he gets on his way.

1. Always remember you are loved...A LOT!
2. You CAN do and have it all!
3. "You're As Big As You Feel." (Stuart Little)
4. Look for the rainbow - sometimes it is behind you.
5. You can have all of the friends in the world, but you only have 1 brother.
6. Ring the bell!
7. Enjoy it now.

September 2, 2008


Alas, amid numerous computer issues and other fun, the hiatus known officially as "summer" is closing. We are getting Bug ready for his first day of preschool on Thursday and looking forward to a great "fall and spring" which Houston doesn't actually have. In the meantime, here are a couple of photos. T is really a funny character - but you'd never known from his expressions and that crazy tongue. He is uber uncoooperative at things like pictures so during our sitting, we took a grand total of 7 pics and just hoped for the best. I think next time we'll just let our friend Tracy test out her excellent skills!