June 23, 2008

Vote for Bug!!!

Anyone, everyone, here's your chance, show your support - go vote for Bug.


Photos were taken by our great friend, Tracy - they are undoctored and capture Bug's baby blues perfectly! Contest ends tomorrow, so get in there and vote now!




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June 18, 2008

Inflatable Toys: An Ode

Having rekindled my affection for Dr. Seuss (the only true poet the world has ever known), I give you my "Ode To Inflatable Toys."

Oh you inflatable, not so biodegradable toys
The bane of my existence and love of my boys

Why do you taunt me with color and style
As we try to pass by at the end of the aisle?

You call me in rings, balls, pools, and moon bounce,
Floats of all shapes for our children to pounce

Yet oft I forget all the trouble and toil
Nary a plan of “quick fun” you’ve not spoiled.

Your nozzles and holes that need endless air
My lungs, a small pump, and a dryer for hair.

Lightheaded, dizzy, simply a flake.
The children are asking, “how long can this take?”

I press my lips firmly against vinyl flesh
And for one small moment our destinies mesh

But this courtship is short, for it simply must be,
My head and ears ringing, my eyes gone blurry.

You cruel, manufactured, filled heap of junk
I think as I close you up tight in the trunk.

Until the next time we meet we’ll not speak,
You giant inflatable toy with a leak.

June 16, 2008

Happy Birthday T!

This is T's official birthday pic. Enjoy. No post.

Coming soon: Ode To Inflatable Toys...

June 15, 2008

Holiday Delivery

This is just a selfish post, because I can't stop myself. BOTH of my children were born on "holidays" so neither of those days can pass; even when their "birthday" no longer falls on them, without a "did you know my son was born..." comment. So here it goes. Bug made his entry on Martin Luther King Day. A year ago today, our little T arrived weighing 4lbs, 7oz and a whopping 18.5 inches, T was whisked away to spend some time with the lovely nurses of the NICU, but came home with us just 6 days later (weighing only 3 lbs, 11oz), but full of life!

That day will not only be forever ingrained because it was Father's Day, but because of all the...intermediaries that acted on the Lord's behalf to deliver our healthy son to us. Just after arriving in Houston, I went to see an OB, I kept thinking -- this guy just isn't right for me (imagine JR Ewing), but I was already so far along that I pushed thoughts of switching out of my mind. Unsetteled about complications that were being brushed off, I finally made the switch and on Wednesday, June 13, I had the first appt. of the day with my new OB. Of course, it wasn't that easy, the Dr. was detained in emergency surgery at the hospital -- I told the nurse after an hour of waiting that we should just go home, but she begged me (and Bug) to stay until the Dr could see me. Another hour plus later, the Dr. confirmed what I had been feeling all along, that something wasn't right. A quick sono diagnosed T as "small for gestational age" - at 35 weeks, T was measuring below 31 weeks. We made arrangements to meet the next Monday for more testing, but of course, the next Monday never came. By Sunday morning we had called our dear friends to watch Bug and by 12 or so that afternoon, we had T. Something so silly as changing the dr, that I'd postponed for fear of looking stupid, turned out to be so important. The Lord watches out and over us. When Paul asked the neonatologist how or why this would happen, he told Paul that sometimes it's God's way of saving a life - the baby's condition deteriorates the longer they go in the pregnancy without important nutrients etc, but by arriving early, he can be cared for. It's true and I know it. There's great peace in having something like this happen. It's such an overwhelming outpouring of God's love for me that it cannot be denied, even in my darkest of hours.

On that Father's Day, our special friends cancelled a well planned trip and sent their Dad to the airport to pick up my mom. They put together a crib and brought a happy Bug back to us all on their Father's Day. Long after T is grown -- this story of their love for us will be told as a tribute to Christ loving people everywhere.

At the 1 year mark, T has 7 teeth (5 of which arrived just a month ago). Some hair. He sort of sleeps through the night (waking up about the same time every night to insist on moving from his crib to our bed). He walks -- and is getting better every day. He has a joyful spirit with a hearty tinge of downright stubborness! We love him dearly even though he thought the cake was not impressive. Bottom line, I'm just thankful. Every Father's Day will feel like this and remind me that the real meaning of life is Families Forever!

June 9, 2008


So, back in the day I had the reputation for being a...not bad, but not so cautious driver. With my limited radius of driving these days, I can assertively say until Saturday night, that I had at least 16 months without a scratch (make that additional scratch). Late Saturday I decided that I MUST go to the H.E.B. for their $.79/lb grapes (how could I not go?). I was going to take Paul's car, but then I accidentally woke up Baby T who has been in a foul state of mind (lasting longer than normal mood swing) and decided to take him too - the result? As I pulled out of the garage, I landed on the grass, tried to correct and "rubbed" my front bumper against Paul's rear bumper. Normally this would not even warrant a mention, but my bumper ripped completely off the front of my car (why didn't I take a picture?). Superficial scratches on Paul's bumper were wiped away, but not my bumper...the whole thing ripped off like a looseleaf sheet of notebook paper torn from the safety of the three-ring binder. Has this happened to anyone else? I had to get a ride home from church (thanks again Tracy) and own up to a major boo-boo, to Bug (and the husband). It has now been repaired and although some might have thought a new bumper was in my future, they were able to slap that baby back on for only $72. I still have no grapes or tomatoes for that matter(shouldn't someone blog about this tomato-less society we're now forced to endure?).

June 6, 2008

Does Jesus look weird?

Bug proposed this question while getting ready for bed last night. I immediately donned the "stunned mullet" facial expression, a million thoughts go through my head beginning with is my four year old expressing disbelief in the Savior of All Mankind? Before I got wrapped up completely, I paused and asked the ever important question (to young and old alike), "what do you mean?". His response...

"You know, that he's always wearing a dress."

YES! That would definitely seem weird to a four year old boy! He knows! and I left it at that, until I told his Dad who immediately chastised me for not correcting him and immediately launched into a discussion explaining that it isn't a "dress", it's a "robe."

June 4, 2008

Just what have you been doing?

Well, among the many things you may be busy with this season of summer, we had the good fortune of having friends from far away come visit. Here's a little photo montage and a quick explanation.

Last week, my oldest friend, Merrilee flew into Killeen, TX for some work obligations. I happily packed up the kids to visit and along the way got a chance to take the first old MD crew peek at Kate McArthur and her darling sister, Addyson as they busily packed up their house to head for some greener pastures (anything is greener than Killeen)!!! Such a great family and we wish them well!

We met with Merrilee and drove straight to Austin to see the bats...yes, bats. "According to legend" (hahahha), the largest urban population of bats in North America reside under the Congress Ave bridge where they depart every evening around dusk in search of their food. If you visit me in H-town, I'll happily take you to visit there too. We also took a tour of the Texas State Capitol and a quick glimpse at the sprawling UT-Austin campus before heading onto Brenham for a fine tour of the Blue Bell factory (that's ice cream for those of you who may not have the luxury of Blue Bell), and samples of some delicious flavors. In case you wanted to know, it takes milk from 50,000 cows to make one days production of ice cream.

Upon our return, we met with another old friend, Jenn and her husband Ryan who drove down from Dallas. We had an 'adults only' dessert party at the Cheesecake Factory (starting to think this is an overpriced and underwhelming restaurant) and we enjoyed their company immensely! We spent Saturday at the Johnson Space Center (on the day of a launch BTW), and then to Kemah Bay/Boardwalk where it was mighty hot. I feel like that country singer, "bring on the rain..."! Jenn and Ryan had to take off for Dallas, but Merrilee and I were able to squeeze in one final Texas Town stop to "Remember the Alamo, according to legend" and drink some Riverwalk water. Yuck! We are sad they all had to return to their real lives and couldn't stay forever, but they are always welcome as are you fine readers & friends!