August 28, 2009

Without going on and on and on...

Okay, so Bug entered school this past Monday. Full-day Kindgergarten. Without going on and on and on (as I mention in the subject), I will just say it has been tough, we are adjusting and hoping for the best. Now that it is Friday, I am wondering why I wasn't shamed into better behavior (less crying, more laughing), but it is what it is. You probably can't tell, but he had his front tooth aided-out by a swift kick to the mouth the Saturday before school started!

In my new "spare" time with T, we've been having fun singing songs and watching "ues ues" better known to the common man as 'Blues Clues'! Try to ignore my voice and listen to his cute little one! For family, especially check out clip 2 -- it's T saying your names!

August 6, 2009


Nearly three weeks ago, we made a last minute plan to head to Destin, Florida. If you haven't been and it's close enough, I would recommend it. I DO NOT recommend our choice in hotels, but thankfully the scenery made up for it. The highlight was probably for Paul and Bug -- parasailing. T and I -- enjoyed the beach and a lot of Krispy Kreme donuts (which we sadly do not have here)! We saw dolphins, Bug got stung by a jellyfish, Paul ended up with a pretty messy sunburn, but it's definitely the kind of trip you could make over and over again and never tire of. Try not to notice the now characteristic smudging on the photos --- not only is our camera a bit outdated, but the lens is actually covered with some kind of goop thanks to amateur photographer T!