February 12, 2008


I thought I'd put up some new pictures to show what's happening these days.

1. T finally picked up two teeth and we're pretty sure the blue eyes will stay.

2. Look closely on Bug's plate...that's ranch dressing...we asked him "do you think you have enough?" Nonchalantly he replied, "yep." Well thank goodness because I'd hate for Hillshire Farms to have to pump out an extra 22 gallons of Ranch Dressing just for him.

3. Paul and I celebrated the anniversary of our first date 12 years ago -- that seems goofy, but it's so close to V-day that we celebrate it instead. Additionally, we did so in style, without the little people along for the first time since Paul was born. Thanks gma & gpa. We went to Brio, Tuscan Grill (known to the 411 operator as the Tucson grill -- subtle, but important difference). If you have one in your neighborhood, I recommend the chocolate biscotti dessert and the mini-cheesecake, honestly, can you ever go wrong with mini cheesecake?

Write up what you're doing with chocolate this week!
Finally, enjoying beautiful weather an I hope you are too, wherever you are, even if it isn't in Texas! :)

February 5, 2008

My final plea...

Having spent the better part of the day trying to desperately persuade my Aunt and Cousin to move here, I'm issuing my final plea for them (and all readers) to take it under serious consideration for the following reasons:

1. With a certain loved one in town on business so frequently, you'll have a much greater chance of actually witnessing the ingestion of a "large slurpee"!
2. You know you love Brianna's "poppy seed" salad dressing, so stop kidding yourself and come to the land where it's made (that's right folks, check the bottle, Go Texan)! Also home to Blue Bell Ice Cream.
3. Did I mention that we ate dinner outside last night?
4. 14 fabulous pools open in under 3 months for a long summer spent by the pool, possibly with slurpees.
5. I need a lot of help removing pinestraw from my yard and could use the extra set of hands!
6. Lively discussions and retelling of old stories is always funnier in the flesh (that means in person, not naked, although I'm sure that's also very funny/scary).
7. Central Time...if you haven't heard of this marvel, watch all your favorite programs one hour earlier and be awake when the paid programming comes on cable.
8. Houston Livestock & Rodeo Show!

That's it, I'm ending it with those eight reasons. I have already memorialized for your benefit the marvels of living here in previous posts. WHAT MORE CAN YOU POSSIBLY NEED TO AGREE? I demand a response. If not here, what's so great about your neighborhood? Don't make me break out the reverse psychology...