October 29, 2008

Happy Halloween!

Okay, I'm going to brag, this year, we hit halloween costume pay dirt. Our T makes the world's greatest Yoda ever! (Bug is Luke Skywalker - we're not even Star Wars fans, but how can you pass up a Yoda like this?) Your kids may be cute, but there's no Yoda, like this Yoda. So have fun and "use the force" will ya?

A friend worked hard to help us get a smiling picture f T, but we finally decided that as long as T isn't trying to get away or crying, it counts as a smile. Plus, in the case of Yoda, it totally works for him!

Photo courtesy of Tracy!

October 20, 2008

A sophisticated thought...

While I was out at cake class on Saturday, the boys were deciding what to do with their time. Paul told Bug, "maybe we should wait for Mom to get home" to which Bug responded: "Are you a kid or an adult? Because you're acting like a kid who needs to get permission from his mommy.

October 15, 2008

Bible Talk

Okay, first things first. If you missed the pictures of my funny faced T, look down one entry.

To the matter at hand- watch out, I'm going churchy on you: I am reading the New Testament -- last night I came across the most beautiful chapter in the New Testament (feel free to disagree) in Romans, Chapter 5 (those working the KJV, it's on page 1422). Tell me it isn't amazing.

On a similar subject, I found my cousin blogging. He writes, "There is at least this thing I can think of that we cannot yet begin to practice. This thing which God does so perfectly and so completely and we fail so miserably at. Forgiveness. We speak about it. We only understand a small part of it. It is the biggest thing that sets us apart. God's capacity to forgive is so beyond our human ability that we cannot comprehend it. But when we do… When we do, we will begin to see the world and universe the way God does." He adds, "I heard someone say on the radio the other day that a good marriage is the union of two great forgivers."

I know my pride is what keeps me from forgiving and my stupidity keeps me in trouble, is it the same for most of us or otherwise? -- Not to insinuate that any of you are prideful or stupid, just kind of generalizing. I wish I could say the page was turned, but it probably isn't yet, definitely something to work toward. Thoughts on other possibly incredible NT passages?

On A Rainy Day...

So, it's a pretty rainy day - the kind that keeps most folks inside, but not our two! They just can't help but love some hard pounding, serious sized drops of rain! Anyhow, I snapped these really quick because it shows one of the many reasons we love T --that face is seriously silly (and perhaps a little crazy!)!!! Hope your day is as sunny as ours feels.

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October 9, 2008

Who couldn't love a face like this?

It's the face of my favorite person in the whole wide world and the face of someone celebrating a birthday today! Having known him almost half of his life span, and most certainly through his best years (pat myself on the back), it is with great pride that I publicly wish him a very Happy Birthday!
To Paul, as always, it is my pleasure and privilege to grow with you -- since we're both sort of "older" now, I left that part out! I love you.
ps - keep watching, the hair thing isn't over yet!

October 2, 2008

Save this hair from itself...

If a list were to surface containing 10 things I'll never hear, one of them would be: "you have great/fabulous/amazing/awesome/neat/stylish hair." I needn't go on about its texture, color, appearance or length except to say in addition to being the hair runt in my family, I am also not a style maven of anything hair (or fashion, but this blog is about hair). During the Hurricane Ike associated power outage, numerous moms apologized for their "Ike look" having been reduced to ponytails or other easy up hair that did not require the use of a "tool." For me, it was "business as usual," my hair didn't even know there was a hurricane! This picture was taken just minutes ago. FYI - it's after lunch, I've been to the preschool twice, to the park, you get the idea. I need change. Taking suggestions. But -- you must suggest something that can be done with minimal upkeep and does not look like the mobs of women in my ward with the concave bob (it's v. cute & stylish, I'm just too behind the times to get it). So, this could be your chance to start the next hair trend by making me over...come on I know someone out there has an idea! Nothing is off limits - if your suggestion works out, good hair karma will follow! Save The Hair!

As a p.s. to my hair, a v. special no thanks to the"baby hair" that shows up AFTER you give birth at the crown of your forehead and apparently takes one hundred years to grow in.
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